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"We believe the shaping of a young mind is one of the single most important tasks that can be given to an educational institution."

At Mount Bethel Christian Academy, our overall program is designed to inspire and stimulate each child to become an outstanding scholar and good citizen.

Welcome to Mount Bethel Christian Academy! Where our mission is to equip students for a life of service and commitment to Christ and community.  Where we seek to provide opportunities for our students’ efforts to have access to spiritual and academic success.  Where educational experiences in a Christian environment contributes to the students’ overall learning processes and character development. Where we want to continue making a difference in the lives of our students by building strong foundations for the future, therefore we seek to develop partnerships with our parents and communities to assist with educating and training our students. We, Thank You for the opportunity to continue educating and empowering the minds of our next generation. Educational Philosophy Mount Bethel Christian Academy begins with the premise that the only true education is a Christian Education. This premise is based on the fact that only Christian Education deals with all dimensions of life.

Dr. Monica Suggs

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The A Beka Book approach to Christian Education keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable.