About Us

Our five core values govern the implementation of our Christian curriculum and programs.

Spiritual Emphasis

We strive to practice biblical principles in every aspect of our profession; we are principled in our approach to education, parents and the community.

Scholastic Excellence

Our academic standards are intensive and lasting. Our traditional approach to instruction and student learning builds a permanent foundation that gives our students spiritual and intellectual mobility. We teach students to read in Kindergarten (some as early as three years of age). And, on average, our students score at least one level-above their current grade level on standardized exams.

Small Classes

Our average teacher to student ratio is lower than most public schools classes in core subjects (Reading, Language, Social Studies, Science and Arithmetic). Students receive an abundance of individualized assistance in a non-threatening and caring environment.

Structured Environment

We provide a nurturing environment in order to assist our students with developing and maintaining of a positive self-image. We are committed to developing self-assured, we-disciplined students who will be able to successfully face the challenges of life with dignity.


Mount Bethel Christian Academy has provided a quality Christian Education to families since 1990.

Our History

Founded in 1990, by Dr. C.E. and Beulah Glover, Mount Bethel Christian Academy was established to provide a quality Christian Education to children in South Florida. The vision was to provide children with an excellent holistic foundation that would address all dimensions of life. Since its inception Mount Bethel Christian Academy has been instrumental in the development of notable citizens in the South Florida Region and abroad in the areas of Law, Education, Ministry, The Arts, Social Services and many other promising careers.

Mount Bethel Christian Academy believes the responsibility of shaping a child’s scholastic foundation and spiritual outlook is a noble task; it is a responsibility we accept with great humility and honor. Our prayer is that you will partner with us in this endeavor.